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The Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum Board has learned of a dazzling signature piece of Kentucky pharmacy history.  Consistent with our mission of fostering the development and preservation of the history of pharmacy within Kentucky; disseminating such information and thereby contributing to a greater understanding of the history of pharmacy within the state, the museum is launching an Acquisition and Preservation Campaign.

The museum was recently made aware of an exceptional opportunity for the museum and the profession, a late 1800 Kentucky pharmacy. It is complete with contents in a building as it was when it was closed over 3 decades ago.

  • Front end shelving in the early arts and crafts, Eastlake style (the period of the Louis Tiffany). 

  • Decorative pediments showcasing tiles of extraordinary quality believed to be Rookwood pottery of Ohio, the foremost pottery company of the 'Arts and Craft' period.

  • Pharmacognosy area with more than 30 drawers that have porcelain pulls painted with the Latin name of the chemical often still contained inside the drawer.

  • The pharmacy area, typical of the period, has leaded glass windows on each side of the pharmacy window. 

  • The compounding area holds a wide array of chemical containers of from various time periods; most significant are numerous glass labels bottles which are reverse painted in various sizes with the chemicals intact. 

  • Pharmacy records and resources are found throughout the pharmacy.

This is a highly significant find and opportunity for the our professionís Museum

  • Such a significant find will not be found in our state again.

  • In the last 10 years, we have found only 6 similar types of pharmacies, but none this complete. 

  • Besides this find, another pharmacy, similar in age, different in style, has been dismantled and stored after that pharmacy was remodeled in the 1960ís.

  • One pharmacy was destroyed when the hosting museum burned.

  • The other three, have been purchased.

  • One auctioned over eBay, shelving only, sold in-tact and shipped to a private party in New York State. 

  • The remaining two were sold off in pieces and are scattered throughout the United States.

Our Campaign target for this property is $75,000

  • Acquisition cost at $50,000 for this pharmacy is consistent with its age, quality and completeness and comparable to the sale of such relics in recent years.  Moving, reassembly, preserving and conserving are estimated at an additional $25,000.

  • The agents of the estate have given our museum an excellent opportunity to preserve the legacy of our profession but have other individuals highly interested in securing its purchase.

  • If the Museum is to secure and preserve the significant piece of pharmacy history, we will need financial support from fellow practitioners as well as employers, industry, and foundations for historical preservation.

The Museum has less than a 90 day window to secure funding. the building is currently unsecured and is condemned and earmarked for demolition. 

As with any new museum, long term sustainability is a major focus of our museum and extremely important as the Pharmacy profession continues to move more rapidly into newer work environments hastening the lost of the professionís legacy. New practitioners and patients today often do not remember a pharmacy without a computer, much less the practice elements before the 1970.

As pharmacy continues to grow into new roles, it is now time to acquire and preserve the heritage of the profession. The acquisition, preservation and conservation of the significant relics of the profession will promote the appreciation of the history of pharmacy within Kentucky as well as an awareness that this historical legacy serves as the foundation of todayís profession. 

Your support is great appreciated.

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Lynn Harrelson, R.Ph.



To contribute to the understanding, development and history of
 Pharmacy in Kentucky
 fostering the preservation and dissemination of knowledge
concerning its history for public  information.

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