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As we continue to develop the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum, we will rotate items or exhibits among the larger permanent displays as resources permit.  While the Old Fayette County Court House is a highly desirable venue for the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum, we continue to be faced with the challenge of renovation (updating space for better use, lighting, painting, carpeting), exhibit or display cabinets and operational expenses (professional museum memberships, lease and insurance). At this time, we have an abundance of donations in need of appropriate display.  

Funding for period display cases will allow us to present donated items in the most appropriate way and to look toward the future development of the museum.  After the initial planning phase of the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum concludes, we hope to enhance display collections featuring various phases or aspects of pharmacy practice with audio/visual aids which will further enrich the educational experience of the museum.

The Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum as a non-profit 501(c)(3) museum is dependent on grants and the generosity of those who have an appreciation of, and a desire to preserve, the rich history of Kentucky pharmacy.  An ongoing funding stream is extremely important as it will allow us to display donations in a more appropriate and meaningful way.  As such, we are asking those individuals who appreciate and understand the importance of preserving a professional legacy for future generations to consider a membership donation to Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum as part of their charitable gift giving. 

Your contributions will help our museum appropriately display both signature and routine pieces of Kentucky pharmacy history. Your contribution will help safeguard these items for future appreciation and will support creation of educational programs regarding their role in the history of Kentucky pharmacy. As such, your contribution will further secure the preservation of pharmacy history in Kentucky. 

All donations and contributions are greatly appreciated and helpful in the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum’s ongoing preservation of the legacy of our profession and to fulfill its mission of education and advocacy.We invite you and other others to support the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum, our state's leading preservation organization for pharmacy.

While  contributions of any size are greatly appreciated, the following levels of giving are offered for your consideration.            

Friend of the Museum


Proctor Society


Damien Society


Galen Society


Tax deductible contributions can also made in one of several ways:

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   The Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3)    business entity and as such donations are tax deductible. 

A receipt will be provided for any contribution to the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum.

Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum

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To contribute to the understanding, development and history of
 Pharmacy in Kentucky
fostering the preservation and dissemination of knowledge
concerning its history for public  information.

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