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The Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum has and will continue to represent the profession during the regular business hours the exhibits are open to visitors as well as when gatherings and public meetings are hosted in the Lexington History Center and when lectures are presented for the community.

Lexington Democratic Reception 

The Lexington History Museum Complex hosted an open house for the Fayette County Local Democratic Leadership on December 18th. It was widely attended by local as well as regional Democratic leadership.Click Here

Pharmacy Week Grand Opening

During National Pharmacy Week, October 24-25th, the Museum hosted a Grand Opening reception and it was well attended. At that time, two of the four exhibit areas were open to display some of the contributions received to date.  These collections display the history of pharmacy practice as well as the contributions of pharmacists trained in Kentucky to our state and to our country. If the response of those who have already visited the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum is any indication, our colleagues are sure to be pleased with the Museum’s initial efforts to exhibit the rich history of Kentucky Pharmacy.  (Refreshments provided by Pfizer, Inc.)

The Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacy “Movers”

Members of JCAP helped the museum move a large number of donated items from the Newkirk’s Pharmacy in Louisville to our Museum. Their efforts organized and provided on a short notice allowed the Museum to acquire this collection without moving costs.

LKS Regional Meeting Reception

Members of Lambda Kappa Sigma from throughout the United States and Canada attended a special Museum reception hosted in their honor. Approximately 150 active members, Alumni and advisors visited our museum.  After refreshments (provided by Pfizer, Inc.) the group proceeded to the Lexington History Museum Center’s 3rd floor “Courtroom” assembly area.  A brief meeting included an overview of the museum's preservation efforts to date.

KPHA Professional Preview and Silent Auction

A special profession preview of the Kentucky Renaissance Pharmacy Museum was hosted before the opening of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition held in downtown Lexington. Friends and invited guests from throughout the profession were on hand for the preview ribbon cutting. Only one room neared completion as the ribbon was cut, but over 75 guests enjoyed the exhibits.  Development plans were posted for the remaining areas of the museum. (Refreshments provided by Bob and Linda Riley and Pfizer, Inc.)  A silent auction to benefit the Museum was conducted before and after the Kentucky Pharmacists Association President's reception and installation dinner.

LKS Alumni Chapter “Paint it Up”

Members of the Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni Chapter were the first to come to the assistance of our Museum by helping prepare the rooms for our first visitors.  Thier efforts with general clean up, painting, organization and preparation were invaluable to the Museum in getting settled into our new space and being able to host our Preview Reception during the Kentucky Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

To contribute to the understanding, development and history of
 Pharmacy in Kentucky
 fostering the preservation and dissemination of knowledge
concerning its history for public  information.

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